Free and easy to use online modules for Maths, English and more!

Bristol Community Learning has created videos, interactive modules, quizzes and other tools to help guide you though the Functional Skills curriculum. We also have modules covering employability and digital learning topics.

Our first core subject is English. Whilst some of our material is focused on ESOL learners the majority of the content here is focused on helping you tackle functional skills exams.

Our other core topic is Maths. Select this to delve deep into our functional skills Maths units

Our offer

This page is the full collection of all resources created for the Flexible Learning Fund project. The project has now finished but content will be added to this page in the coming months. As we are in active development please bear in mind that some units may still be work in progress. If you are not part of the project but would like details of how you can use this content please look at our legal section.

Please feel free to download, share and teach!