Preparing for your Group Discussion

Taking part in a discussion

Check which formal expressions you need when taking part in a group discussion.

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Tips for Effective Group Discussions

As part of a functional skills qualification you may need to take part in a group discussion, which might be formal or informal, and which might include topics that you are unfamiliar with. Here are some tips to help you get top marks!

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Using Formal Language to Support you in your Job Search

When we are looking for work it can really help to get your words in order to ensure that you come across well in writing. In this video we look at how you can best structure your words to convince others of your talents!

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5 Tips for Interviews

In this video we look at the essentials needed to successfully prepare for an interview. This is everything you need to make a good impression.

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Dealing with Complaints

This module teaches you about making a complaint and dealing with complaints from others.

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Be an Interview Star

So, you've got your interview, you've done your basic prep, but you want to stand out. What should you do? Be a STAR by using the STAR technique to help you identify your strengths and make the most of your one chance to impress!

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Preparing for a Presentation

How to plan, prepare and deliver an effective presentation

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How Texts Present Ideas

Reading an Article – radicalisation

This is a unit to talk learners through a news article about an attack on a mosque. The aim is to look at more advanced vocabulary and understand the words and their context.

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Formal or Informal English?

This is a video animation explaining the differences between formal and informal language and an explanation of when you would want to use one or the other. The video also looks at some of the characteristics of the two types of language to help you better write letters adopting a formal style.

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Understanding Bias

Bias is present in many types of writing. This video looks at ways of spotting biased viewpoints in a document.

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Using and Recognising Persuasive Language

This video identifies the most common forms of persuasive language and explains how each works and can be used to good effect to encourage the reader to do something or to simply agree with the writer's point of view.

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The Purpose of a text

As part of the reading exam you could be asked to identify the purpose of a text. This module will show you how the language of a text shows you its purpose.

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Identifying Layout Techniques

In this video we look at how documents use style and layout to present their ideas.

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