How Texts Present Ideas

Reading an Article – radicalisation

This is a unit to talk learners through a news article about an attack on mosque. The aim is to look at more advanced terminology and understand the words and their context.

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Formal or Informal

This is a video animation explaining the differences between formal and informal language and an explanation of when you would want to use one or the other. The video also looks at some of the characteristics of the two types of language to help you better write letters adopting a formal style.

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Bias is present in many types of writing. This video looks at ways of spotting biased viewpoints in a document.

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Using and Recognising Persuasive Language

Say you're writing a leaflet for your local sports club. you want to attract new members but you really aren't sure how to make it sound exciting and interesting. Enter persuasive language, in this video we are going to look at the tools and techniques you can use to give your writing some extra pizzazz.

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The Purpose of a text

As part of the reading exam you could be asked to identify the purpose of a text. This module will show you how the language of a text shows you its purpose.

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Identifying Layout Techniques

In this video we look at how documents use style and layout to present their ideas.

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Finding Information in Texts

Reading Comprehension

This is a module to look at two documents (one newspaper article and one leaflet) and use these to answer a series of questions to check your comprehension.

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Skimming & Scanning

Skim and scan unit INCLUDES 2 short quizzes

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