3 Steps to Writing a Simple Report

The word report might sound scary but in every report, we’re doing just 3 things; providing facts and information; analysing these facts and information, and then making recommendations…this simple video introduction will show you how.

Formal Letters – Getting it right, first time

There’s an art to writing a good formal letter, and getting a response, and this video will show you how. Covering the very best layout and content for your formal letter and including ideas such as purpose, detail and action, this video is your one-stop shop for all you need to know to write a knockout formal letter.

4 Easy Steps to Writing an Eye-Catching Leaflet

Whether you’re advertising a school fare or a parenting course, a leaflet is a great, informal way of getting simple information across quickly and clearly. Follow this simple, 4-step layout and your leaflet will hit home every time!

How to write an excellent email

Emails are like letters but with a few crucial differences. This short video will let you know what to include and what to leave when you’re putting together, and sending, an email.

Article-Writing Essentials. What you need to know to get your article right, first time!

An article is a piece of writing usually published in a newsletter, newspaper or online. Should it be balanced or biased? Persuasive or factual? Who are your audience and what’s your purpose in writing it? Watch this short video to find out!

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Using tips, tricks, easy to understand explanations and the odd joke here and there, our team will help you to supercharge your spelling, pep up your punctuation and grow your grammar into a thing of beauty!