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Bristol community learning is pleased to announce a suite of free resources designed to help our colleagues delivering courses across the country.

Focused on functional skills delivery we have developed a wide range of English, maths, employability and digital learning materials that can be used to support your existing courses.

All of our resources can be freely accessed, downloaded and run locally. This means tutors can drop digital materials into existing classes easily or point learners to this website for some simple home study, catch up or extension activities.

Our new BOSS (Building Online SkillS) app has been designed to help with delivery in locations with poor WiFi.  Although the app simply delivers the content already available on this site it also allows tutors and learners to download this content directly to the device. In this way tutors can ensure that tablet devices have access to teaching resources even when the internet is unavailable,

App page

For our project we created a set of videos to help deliver existing functional skills courses. This content was split into two different sections:

Positioning videos were created to outline the reason for tackling a given functional skills topic. We also created core videos that teach subjects directly using tutors talking to camera or animations to underline points.

All of our videos can be found at our Youtube channel as well as this website.

Youtube channel

The majority of our video content and interactive materials can be downloaded directly from our cloud storage.

This is ideal for tutors using laptops or if institutions have a VLE where they wish to host content. Our material is typically saved as .mp4 or SCORM as applicable.

Drive link