Ordering decimals

In this unit we will put decimal amounts in order of size and compare decimal amounts to percentages and fractions

Simple multiplication and division

These slides will give you some help to multiply and divide by 0, 1, 2, 5 & 10.

Introduction to fractions

Get started understanding fractions here. These slides will help you to read and write and compare fractions. Through this unit we will look at how you can compare the relative size of different…

Multiply decimals and whole numbers

These slides will help you to multiply whole numbers with decimals without a calculator, by following a few simple steps

Approximations and rounding

This module shows you how do rounding to a whole number or to one or two decimal places, followed an exercises to work through.


Interest is a topic that often confuses people. In this video we look at how to work out both simple and compound forms of interest.


This is a short video to explain the basic concepts of probabilities and using a probability scale to compare the odds of different events.

Equivalent fractions

This module shows you how to work out equivalent fractions followed by a number of exercises to practice. Equivalent fractions are two fractions that are equal to the same amount.

Estimate through rounding

This module shows you how to work out equivalent fractions followed by a number of exercises to practice. Rounding can be used as a quick way of getting a rough idea or estimate of a number. It may…


What is a fraction? When an object is divided into a number of equal parts, each part is called a fraction. Let’s take a look…


Access four short quiz units covering multiplication, addition, subtraction and division

Number estimation

Number estimation is a core maths skill. This technique is incredibly important for checking your work and is invaluable in completing exams and not losing easy marks

Converting decimals

This unit will help you to learn the basics of converting to and from decimal numbers. Also in this unit you will have a chance to practice by working out those pesky percentage discounts when…

Stock checking and ordering

Test your skills at calculations of quantities and distance using real world examples of stock checking and order picking at a 'big box' electronic store.

Calculating when shopping

Get to grips with your spending using this short quiz module that covers simple addition from a shopping list followed by working out the cheapest item through division and multiplication.

Number and Counting

This unit works through a series of activities to help you understand the basics of place value and counting. The unit includes the basics of negative numbers.