Position and direction

This module shows you how to use and measure angles to work out position and direction along with practice exercises

Working to scale

This module shows you how to recognise and make use of simple scales on maps and drawings, followed an exercises to work through an example.

Understanding shape

In this module we look at the different properties of 2D and 3D shapes and how we describe them

Measuring up

This module shows you how to calculate dimensions from scale drawings and create a scale diagram. If you have not already done so, checkout Simple Scales L1 for the basics on how scales work.

Understanding where you are and how to get somewhere

This module shows you how to describe position and direction followed by a number of exercises to practice

Getting to grips with time

Using 24 hour time and converting between it and 12 hour time can be tricky. In this unit we look at how they work and how to make simple calculations and conversions.

Analogue time

In this brief unit we look at the differences between analogue and digital time and how to convert between them.

Converting units part 2

In this video we look at other types of measurement following the first part of this video

Converting units

In this video we look at how we can measure, assess and use units of measurement to help us in our daily life and prepare for our exams.

Visual estimation

How and when to use visual estimation. Visual estimation is all about making judgements and calculations based on what you can see or observe. This is a very useful skill for many jobs.