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Your rights to this content

Whilst the content on this website has been created to be shared freely to all learner sand practitioners in the UK some of the materials used to create these resources have a limited licence.

Specifically the animated video of geometric shapes and any images used cannot be removed and re-purposed as these are licence only as part of the complete work.

If you have any concerns please email us directly.

All of our content can be downloaded as is and used for any teaching purpose including for fee paying courses.

You may also convert to different formats (i.e. .mp4 to .mov), link or upload to your own web hosting.

Whilst you do not need to attribute any of this content we don’t mind link backs!

The aim with this project is to continue to build up a library of quality content which can be used across the country with a minimum of difficulty for tutors and learners.

We aim to continue to grow this content and will be looking to build in these areas:


Interactive units delivered online

Audio resources

Links to freely accessible resources such as Google forms and Kahoots